Long Pixie Haircut for Masculine Look

Long Pixie Haircut for Masculine Look

Long pixie haircut is indeed stylish and suitable for those who demand the masculine look. This kind of hairstyle is actually provided for those women who are brave enough to cut their hair with the short hairstyles which are indeed not feminine due to its manly style. Pixie haircuts are very fresh and so signified because it does not require you to style it too long. It is very simple and undeniable masculine.

Long pixie haircut is actually various. You may try the pixie haircut with razored edge which is actually quite feminine. This is also soft and you may add this with long wispy bangs which can blend well with the razored side burns. It is good for those who have long foreheads so it can frame your face nicely and make it looks more casual. It is also very simple and easy to style for your everyday look.

Long pixie haircut is also available for those who have round faces. Long pixie haircut for round face is better with ponies or bangs to make the face do not look rounder and chubbier. This is important because when you treat your round face wrong it may make your hair looks uglier and terrible. Bangs and ponies will help you to cover the round face and make it looks more ideal and indeed longer.

Long pixie haircut can be so full and cute with the long pixie with depth and dimensions. It means that you can apply the long pixie which cut short around your ears and then leave slightly longer around your head. Long pixie haircut with bangs can be the great choices because you can add the volume at the front and top section of your hair. You can make your neck is looked longer and more ideal.

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