Ideas on Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ideas on Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair

A long hair can be bliss or a stressful one. That is mainly because a long hair needs more maintenance than the short hair. But the fun part is that you can style your long hair into any style you want. Pretty hairstyles for long hair can be useful when you need different look on your day or when you are having a bad day.

Girls with long hair are not suggested to wash their hair every day; it should be no more than three times a week. But on the second or third day after washing, hair can get dirty and oily. Pretty hairstyles for long hair will pretty much help you to deal with it. Hiding your dirty hair in cute hairdos for long hair like braids and buns can be your solution.

However, there are many variations that you can do from the basic braids and pony tail. For example, you can make small braids on your fringe area and pull it back to the back of your hair and secure with bobby pins. You can make one or more small braids and on one side or both side of your fringe area. Another example of pretty hairstyles for long hair is to create a roll over bun by using sock or bun maker. It is a thick donut shaped made out of fabric that will help you to create a perfect bun. The best thing about making hair bun on your second or third day without shampoo is that it can create nice natural curl when you took it off.

The hairdo for pretty hairstyles for long straight hair is not very different than those for the curly haired girls. Different hair product might be used for different hair texture as it will give another effect for each hair type. Keeping clear elastic band and bobby pins in your purse will always handy when in need to make pretty hairstyles for long hair.

pretty curly hairstyles for long hair

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