How to Get Asian Long Curly Hairstyles

How to Get Asian Long Curly Hairstyles

Most of Asian has a straight hair. That is why; most of them will do just anything to get a different look such as the use of a curler iron. Different curler will give distinctive curl type to the hair. There are tight coils, loose wave or even temporary perm. If you are an Asian and want to get a new hair texture, getting Asian long curly hairstyle can be your option.

But remember that using too much of heat on your hair for a long time can damage your hair. So, thinking of natural and no-heat on the process of curling should be considered. You can divide your hair into small sections and roll it up in a small piece of newspaper. There are also many curling stick that has the same process as the newspaper trick to get the Asian long hair curly hairstyles.

The Asian long curly hairstyles tricks will give you curly hair but the method needs more time than the one that uses heat in the process. Prepare for this curling method since the night before you need the hair.  Curl it up before going to bed and only open it when you already wake up. Firm it with hairspray to keep it in place. Putting a warm towel can help fasten the process of getting curly long hairstyles.

Popular Asian long curly hairstyles are the beach waves and the doll coils. The beach waves make your hair looks like it is half wet and has a sexy effect for the whole appearance. While the doll coils are a tight curl which commonly featured on little baby doll’s hair, it will make you look cute and playful. Choose the right product to keep your hair in place and do not go for heavy chemical treatment as it will only do damage to your hair but still get your long curly hairstyles.

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