Gorgeous Medium Short Hairstyles Ideas

Gorgeous Medium Short Hairstyles Ideas

These are a couple of examples of the medium short hairstyles which are gorgeous looking and could really boost your look. The fun & funky is the first one with a gorgeous chocolate color of the hair. It offers a lot of layers which are all using razor cut. A bunch of textures are also available on this hairstyle creating a totally new level of it. Thickness of the hair could be shown by teasing up the crown of the hair.

This one of the hairstyles medium short works best in heart shaped face women with thick hair. In achieving this hairstyle you will need the help of a couple of products such as Health Sexy Hair Soy Paste and also Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray to make sure that it is perfect. If you are planning on using medium short hairstyles for a long time, for example a workday long, it is recommended to bring yourself a comb and small hairspray that you can do to touch the hair up a bit when necessary.

Another example of the medium short hairstyles would be the retro romance featuring thick curls and also soft blunt bob at the same time. Wispy bangs could also be added to frame the face and also keeping the waxy texture of the hair consistently. This one of the short medium hairstyles will need a couple of products to really look perfect such as Conair Compact hair Roller Set and also top quality volume mousse or cream.

Thinner face shape could get most benefit from this hairstyle with any type and texture of the hair does not really matter. In using the roller, make sure to go to the direction where you want the hair to go later on. The additional bangs should go forward while the hair close to the neck must be rolled down for best look of this one of the gorgeous medium short hairstyles.

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