Easy & Trendy Layered Medium Short Hairstyles

Easy & Trendy Layered Medium Short Hairstyles

Short length hair could still be modified or styled such as using these easy & trendy layered medium short hairstyles for unique and maximum look. One of the easiest styles is the one called vibrant layered short which is a universal hairstyle. It could go well with any face shape since this hairstyle is more on the attitude and personality. Once you are sure that you are okay with the hairstyle then you will get maximum beauty boost out of it. You can get this unique and also trendy hairstyle simply by applying styling wax all over your hair and place it accordingly.

Next style of the short hair styles is the shaggy layered short which has a length of almost medium. It could be better if you add bangs on it that could be useful in framing heart or round face shape. You could use the help of smoothing cream or spray in styling this style to your hair. Then use flat iron after you have dried your hair. The finishing touch of this one of the layered medium short hairstyles is to apply strong hold finishing spray that will hold your hair in place while also keep it polished.

Last example of the medium short layered hairstyles is the razor-cut layered sort hairstyle. It is basically a simple short hairstyle with the addition of razor-cut layers. Bangs could also be added on these layered medium short hairstyles to add the asymmetrical feature. It works best for women with longer face shape although it could still be okay for any face shape. The asymmetrical bangs could help people who are looking at it a bit confused about the face shape.

Eye catching color of the hair could boost it even further. Begin styling by using heat protective spray then blow dry the hair. Smooth waves using flat iron thoroughly then apply wax or styling pomade for further styling and also finishing touch of this one of the trendy layered medium short hairstyles.

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