Blonde Long Hairstyles with Play on Colors

Blonde Long Hairstyles with Play on Colors

Blonde girls with long hair can do many for hairstyle including hair coloring. The blonde color of their hair will mostly suitable with any color. If you are free enough to have your hair colored, maybe you should get your hair a color variation to make your hair looks more playful and fun. Blonde long hairstyle with color can also look edgy with the right color and coloring technique.

For wavy blonde long hairstyles, you can dip dye your hair with bright or dark colors. Bright colors will give you a playful look while the darker color will make you look more serious. The dip dying technique requires the tip of your hair to be bleached first to make it easier to absorb the hair dye. Then, you should dye two thirds of the bleached part with the color you like and leave the one third parts bleached to give the gradating effect.

Many celebrities like Christina Aguilera have shown us how to wear color streak on their hair. Be bold and experimental once you decide to add color variation to your hair. The color combination tricks will not only work for blonde long hairstyles but also for brunette long hairstyles. Remember that a color that looks good in blonde hair is not always working the same for brunettes.

Straight hairstyles especially the ones with layered haircuts can wear the color streak or dip dye color perfectly as the hair texture will show off the best look of the color variation. Ask your hair stylist which color or which technique of coloring that will suit your blonde long hairstyles. If you often go to a formal occasion, then getting a darker color as highlights is recommended. It is because the brighter colors on hair are usually inappropriate to wear to a meeting or formal event.

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