Beautiful Bride in Short Hairstyle

Beautiful Bride in Short Hairstyle

Having short hair should not keep you from feeling happy and overjoy for your own wedding. You might think that you can’t do anything to your short hair to make it look beautiful for a wedding. It may not go to your shoulder, but your hair still has potentials to make you a beautiful bride on your wedding day.

You can be creative with your short wedding hairstyles. If you still think that you’ll look ugly as a short haired bride, you can check on Anne Hathaway wedding as she was sporting short pixie haircut for her wedding. Even though you have pixie haircut, your hair stylist can still work some magic to your hairstyle. You can check on some short hairstyle ideas from the celebrities. The iconic pixie that Halle Berry sporting in gala events can be an inspiration. Some wave or coiffure can easily change your boyish pixie into an elegant hairstyle.

Having short hair doesn’t keep you from using hair accessories. You can still use headband, hair clips, or even small tiara if you like. A small bling on your hair will be the best thing to match for the occassion. Simple hair accessories can be the final touch that make you look stunningly beautiful for the event.

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