African-American Hairstyles Inspired for Women with Long Hair

African-American Hairstyles Inspired for Women with Long Hair

Standard natural curls, thicker texture, and also dreadlocks are one of the most popular hair-dos of women descended from African-American. Nowadays, any kind of women, orient to Caucasian, and east-European to south-American can have that certain look. If a contemporary day black woman continues the likes to wear afro hairstyles with a traditional twist, anybody should be able to do the same. Some people who are lucky enough to have it, you obviously and automatically get a ticket to this funky look. It is time for you to try this black hairstyle for long hair.

This look is called French/Afro fun braid. This hairstyle is ideal for someone with a lot of thick hair which is fairly long. The more you have the better this style is going to appear in your hair. This look will make asymmetrical features seem more even. All you all need to do is prepare a small Curling Iron to make a curl in every part of the head. You then have to add an epic traditional Afro-esque braid one the back of your head. You have to do it from over one of your ear and end it below the other one. At this point, the fun braid should have been angled. Then, you are going to need a certain comb, a rat tail one, to smoothly loosen it up the braid by inserting the end of the comb and drag it up.

Finally, you don’t need the comb anymore. Towards the end of it, to perfect the braid, you need to use your hands to tear apart the braid sections. You can even make it messier in a good way by pinning them in different sections. Spray all over your hair with spray in a medium hold. There you have it!

black hairstyles for medium length curly hair

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